Kotlin? Or another alternative?

The theme for these pages is on learning Kotlin with Python as the starting point. Python is applicable desktop/server applications, as is every language on this page.  However some also deliver: Native Code, Browser Code, Mobile Apps and JVM applications.

Is Kotlin the best choice to compliment Python? Kotlin rates very highly on ‘liked scales’ and ticks all the bases Python does not, but often not all bases need be covered.  This page considers the alternatives.

Generally, the main languages to consider are languages actually liked by programmers, then consider rating in a popularity ranking such as Pypl, then filter for those that can be used for potential your needs, particularly if they can be used when python cannot.

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • Go
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Rust


It seems like C has been the only real choice to produce native code for almost forever. At least until recently with Kotlin, Go and Rust as better choices to get write an application in native code.  There are still niches where C/C++ is still the only choice available, but more significantly, no other language (beyond assembler) forces you to understand the internals of a computer to the level as C.  Ideally everyone should learn C/C++, but no one should have to be effective as a programmer using C/C++.  (Native, but no JVM, no browser code, no mobile app support),


I think Java is ranked as at least #3 in almost every language popularity/usage ranking, but every ranking is also showing declining use of Java.  In reality Koltin is clearly a more liked language, and one that can do everything that Java can.  The only reasons to consider Java are: 1) to get job, 2) there is some reason that even the Java compatibility offered by Kotlin is simply not enough. (JVM, android Mobile, limited browser, no real native support, no IOS support).


I mean a language designed to make programmers happy? What could go wrong? Well, the main thing that could go wrong is that programmers are happier with other languages, like Kotlin, or Python.  So the main is missed unless coming from Java or C or something. Coming from Python, it is similar class of language that meets only the same needs, but with less popularity and less liked by developers. (no browser, no mobile, no native, no JVM)


Please….just don’t go there.  There is a reason this is the fastest declining language on pypl. (no browser, no mobile, no native, no JVM)

more updates to follow…..


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