Kotlin Multi-Platform Vs Cross-Platform (Flutter)

What is the difference?Definition: Multi-PlatformDefinition: Cross-PlatformStrengths and WeaknessesSuperficiallyUnder the CoverKoltin Mulit-Plaform vs Multiple PlatformsMulti-Platform as the foundation of cross platformCombination: Multi AND Cross Platform What is the difference? There is no universal definition of these two terms, so definitions to be used here must be identified. In a way, I am using the 'google definitions',… Continue reading Kotlin Multi-Platform Vs Cross-Platform (Flutter)


Why program in Kotlin instead of Python?

If you can already program in a perfectly adequate programming language in python, would need to learn Kotlin?  There are use cases where Python is virtually unmatched, but there also times Python is just not a match! TL;DR: 1. If you know Python, then learning Kotlin will teach you more about coding, even for when… Continue reading Why program in Kotlin instead of Python?