Functional Programming Introduction

What is Functional Programming?functional programming is not...why 'functional' then?helicopter view: the big picturebenefits of functional programminglimitations of functional programminglearning guide for functional programmingwhy the weird new terms?The ConceptsCategory TheoryPure FunctionsMonoidWhy bother with MonoidsFunctorMonad What is functional programming? What functional programming is not. Python uses functions such as len("my string") in place methods such as "my… Continue reading Functional Programming Introduction


OOP vs Functional: No contest!

Moving to kotlin, the question can arise: "should I program in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) style, or move to Functional programming?".  This page examines reviews what Object Oriented programming really means, what functional programing is, and outlines how there is no incompatibility if the correct approach to OOP is in place, and the two paradigms… Continue reading OOP vs Functional: No contest!

Why program in Kotlin instead of Python?

If you can already program in a perfectly adequate programming language in python, would need to learn Kotlin?  There are use cases where Python is virtually unmatched, but there also times Python is just not a match! TL;DR: 1. If you know Python, then learning Kotlin will teach you more about coding, even for when… Continue reading Why program in Kotlin instead of Python?