OOP: Using Kotlin to improve OOP Skills

Ok, Object Oriented Programming (OOP)is not exactly new, and there are lots of pages on OOP on the web.  This page comes from a background of both Python and Kotlin, and how improved programming styles offered by Kotlin can change how you program.  Although Kotlin automates newer techniques and provides assistance coding, you can 'backport'… Continue reading OOP: Using Kotlin to improve OOP Skills


Class Level Objects, Companion Objects & Instances

Topics for this section: Class Level Objects & Companion Objects:  Key Terminology. the simplest case - one object type Python - an additional object type requires precise terminology Kotlin: the companion object equates to the Python class object Class & Companion Variables and Methods vs instance methods and variables  Terminology for Clarity: Class Level Object,… Continue reading Class Level Objects, Companion Objects & Instances

OOP vs Functional: No contest!

Moving to kotlin, the question can arise: "should I program in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) style, or move to Functional programming?".  This page examines reviews what Object Oriented programming really means, what functional programing is, and outlines how there is no incompatibility if the correct approach to OOP is in place, and the two paradigms… Continue reading OOP vs Functional: No contest!