Heap Memory and Garbage Collection.

Already discussed is Global static memory, which is reserved before the program starts, and local stack memory that is allocated at the start of each function, and then released at the end of that same function. Heap Memory is a third type, for when neither global nor stack memory are suitable. Consider, for example, data… Continue reading Heap Memory and Garbage Collection.

Python: The great, the bad and the ugly

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. In fact PYPL has Python as now the most popular language, and Tiobe recently awarded Python language of the year. So clearly Python has very strong appeal, hence the upgrade from 'good' to 'great' in the title of this post. An interesting perspective can be gained… Continue reading Python: The great, the bad and the ugly

Closures, callbacks, Lambdas and Lambda parameters

Introduction. Previous pages have introduced the concept of lambdas and closures, and explained how the concept of the closure relates to methods, static and class methods in both python and kotlin.  This page builds on the concept of lambdas and closures, and provides more details on the workings in kotlin, and how this differs from… Continue reading Closures, callbacks, Lambdas and Lambda parameters

Kotlin? Or another alternative?

The theme for these pages is on learning Kotlin with Python as the starting point. Python is applicable desktop/server applications, as is every language on this page.  However some also deliver: Native Code, Browser Code, Mobile Apps and JVM applications. Is Kotlin the best choice to compliment Python? Kotlin rates very highly on 'liked scales'… Continue reading Kotlin? Or another alternative?