Kotlin Mobile / Kotlin Native

Kotlin is well established in mobile as a language for Android development, if not the language for Android development. But to be mobile development tool in general, kotlin needs to also work for iOS. The path to iOS applications is Kotlin Native Kotlin Native was first released on April 1st 2017.  It was an actual… Continue reading Kotlin Mobile / Kotlin Native

Waterfall or Agile?

This page describes both Waterfall and Agile software development philosophies. In reality, developments are not 100% waterfall or agile, but a blend of the two. This is a 'back to basics' look at the two philosophies. Separate pages will consider the implications and necessary modifications when each is applied to different bespoke software or product… Continue reading Waterfall or Agile?

Gradle with Intellij: Using build.gradle

When first opening a kotlin project that has a gradle configuration, If you haven't installed gradle, check the following tutorial to install it: https://gradle.org/install/ Open Intellij: Open: If Intellij is already running: From "File" menu, click "Open" If Intellij is not already running: Choose "Import Project" Select the build.gradle from the project you want to open Click "Open as… Continue reading Gradle with Intellij: Using build.gradle

Kotlin Limitations vs Python

This page will serve as repository of limitations found when attempting to move kotlin code to python code. Some limitations are a natural consequence of moving to static types, others are effectively inherited from Java. The list here is based on placing those I find most significant at the top, and the further down the… Continue reading Kotlin Limitations vs Python