updated: 7 Jan 2020 Some meanings here are genuinely in 'universal' use (the universe being limited geographically to Earth).  However, 'universal' agreement is extremely rare.  So very often this is about the definition I have chosen to work with.   In fact, in some cases, there are at least two common uses of the same… Continue reading Glossary

Language Popularity?

Support for a language is dependant on the popularity of that language.  But how do you measure popularity? Is it the most liked, must used simply most discussed?  If  Hitler may be the most discussed person from world war II, then consider that by some measures, that would make Hitler the most popular? What is… Continue reading Language Popularity?

Software Types & Lifecycles: Developer Use, Custom Developments or Continuous Development?

The key defining characteristics of software is the software lifecycle. The lifecycle defines the type of software development in many ways and some of the most significant software 'screw-ups' and dissatisfaction can come from applying software development methodologies appropriate for one software lifecycle,  to a very different software lifecycle.  Best practice for one software lifecycle… Continue reading Software Types & Lifecycles: Developer Use, Custom Developments or Continuous Development?

TDD or Not TDD? That is the question!

What actually is TDD (Test Driven Development) ? Is TDD Dead? Do you associate this term for when Tests actually Drive Development,  or use the label TDD for the practice of ensuring code coverage by having units tests? TDD can be taken to mean different things than the original meaning, and there are some risks… Continue reading TDD or Not TDD? That is the question!