Android Emulator

Available in the Android SDK (SDK Tools) and therefore also in both Intellij IDEA and Android Studio, the Android emulator allows apps be run on a computer used for development in place of running on a phone. This page describes how to run the Android emulator from Intellij IDEA/Android Studio or from a the command… Continue reading Android Emulator


Evaluation of Kotlin Native for mobile: January 2018

We have been looking at Kotlin Native (KN) as a viable solution for mobile development, and as a competitive solution to those like Xamarin - or to completely separate developments for iOS and Android. To be a viable mobile solution in general requires Kotlin Native(KN)  to be workable for iOS as first announced On my… Continue reading Evaluation of Kotlin Native for mobile: January 2018

Kotlin: The newest cross platform mobile solution

Search 'cross platform mobile development tools' and you will find a list of approximately 10 solutions, with one on the list (Codename One) allowing coding in Kotlin, although with limitations on the use of kotlin libraries. Kotlin, new choice for cross platform mobile? Kotlin on CLion, the original reason for Kotlin Native? Kotlin, new choice… Continue reading Kotlin: The newest cross platform mobile solution