How to publish artifacts to Maven Central via Gradle

Publishing artifacts on Maven Central is a close equivalent to publishing Python packages on PyPI (aka the cheese shop). If you have published packages on PyPI before, you will find these steps a bit more advanced than those you tackled in Python. 0. First things first 1. Sign up 2. Apply for your namespace 3. Get… Continue reading How to publish artifacts to Maven Central via Gradle

Kotlin Limitations vs Python

This page will serve as repository of limitations found when attempting to move kotlin code to python code. Some limitations are a natural consequence of moving to static types, others are effectively inherited from Java. The list here is based on placing those I find most significant at the top, and the further down the… Continue reading Kotlin Limitations vs Python

When will your project ‘grow up’ and require typesafe code?

There is common belief that after an initial very agile development period,  "grown up projects should switch to a static typed language".  This also raises the question, "are type-safe languages less suitable for early stage development?"  This page considers the evidence for these beliefs, plus considers if there is a benefit to starting dynamic and… Continue reading When will your project ‘grow up’ and require typesafe code?